Fresh Whole Turkey

$11/kg ; $4.99/lb

* Add on 500 ml of turkey gravy for $5 (contains gluten and dairy)

  • Small size only; size range is 4-6 kgs or ~8.5-13 lbs 

  • Will feed 4-6 people​

Smoked, Bone-in HamSold Out

$9/kg ; $4.09/lb

  • Each ham is approx. 10 kg (~22 lb) and sold whole, or in one-half or one-third pieces. When ordering please specify which size piece you'd like.

Order Details

  1. Visit us at the shop during open hours or email us bsbpreorder@gmail.com to request a turkey or ham.

  2. A $25 deposit is required to secure your order, to be paid in person or via e-transfer once the order has been confirmed.

  3. Turkey and ham orders will be available for pick-up on April 1 & 2 between 2-5:30 pm and April 3 between 1-4 pm. No appointment is required (unless you are ordering other items as well). Just visit us during those days/times and we will have your order ready for you.

Looking for something other than turkey or ham this Easter? Below are some delicious alternatives for you to consider:

Lamb Options

Leg of Lamb Roast

  • Bone-in; $32/kg ; $14.53/lb 

  • Boneless; $34/kg ; $15.44/lb

Lamb Shoulder Roast

  • Bone-in; $23/kg ; $10.44/lb 

  • Boneless; $24/kg ; $10.90/lb

Rack of Lamb

  • Non-Frenched; $6.00/100 g ; $27.24 

  • Frenched; $6.20/100 g ; $28.15/lb

Heat & Serve Lamb Shanks in Tomato Sauce

  • $4.50/100 g ; $20.43/lb

  • Fall-off-the-bone-tender lamb shanks gently braised in a rich tomato sauce. They're already cooked for you, simply heat through and enjoy!

Pork Option

Heat & Serve Porchetta

  • $4.00/100 g ; $18.16/lb

  • Rolled pork belly roast with crackling, seasoned with garlic, fresh sage, fennel and lemon zest. We've done the cooking already, you just need to heat and serve!​

Chicken Options

Whole Boneless Chicken Stuffed with Sage & Onion Sausage Meat

  • $21/kg ; $9.53/lb

Whole Organic Chicken from Covert Farms in Oliver

  • $13/kg ; $5.90/lb

  • Sold frozen

  • Size range is ~1.5-3 kg or ~3-7 lbs

Have something else in mind? Take a look at our full product list for inspiration, or contact us to make a request!

Order Details

  1. To place an order visit us at the shop during open hours, email us bsbpreorder@gmail.com, or call us at 778-439-2350. Be sure to let us know the size/weight/quantity you're looking for, or the number of people you are feeding.  

  2. Orders will be scheduled for pick-up on April 1, 2 or 3 during operating hours.

  3. We will have a limited number of boxes available, so when you pick-up your order kindly bring your own reusable shopping bag or receptacle if you are able.  

Thank you & Happy Easter!

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