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    Assembled gift packs will be available for pick-up at the shop during business hours between December 15-22. Requests for an earlier pick-up date will be considered upon request. The pick-up date will be discussed at the time your order is confirmed.

Canadian Eh Brunch Box.JPEG

Canadian Eh? Brunch Box

$45 each ($50 value)

Perfect for those who love brunch! Each gift pack includes:

  • Walter Craft Caesar Mix

  • Walter Craft Caesar Rim

  • Klippers Organics Pickled Beans

  • Bloody Mary Olives

  • $15 Black Sage Butcher gift card, the perfect amount to purchase a pack of our smoked thick-cut bacon or a pack of house-made breakfast sausages.

Hostess Gift Pack.JPEG

Hostess Gift Pack

$50 each ($55 value)

Perfect for when you're looking to host guests, or want something unique to take to your host(ess) when you're invited to someone's home. Each gift pack includes:

  • Marquis de Dijon Grainy Mustard

  • Cornichon

  • Carr's Crackers

  • Tartufo Dried Salami

  • Louis Pasture Pork Crisps

  • Vancouver Island Flake Salt

  • $15 Black Sage Butcher gift card, the perfect amount to purchase some house-made pâté or terrine to complement these items.

Culinary Explorer Gift Pack.JPEG

Culinary Explorer Gift Pack

$90 each ($100 value)

$75 each without a gift card

Perfect for the foodie in your life who likes flavourful, high-quality options when creating meals. Each gift pack includes:

  • Vancouver Island Kelp Salt

  • Edible Adventures Malabar Mix Spice Blend

  • Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce

  • Sebastian's Extra Hot Horseradish

  • Caplansky's Deli Mustard

  • Black Truffle Purée

  • Tomato Paste Tube

  • Organic Preserved Lemons

  • Tin of Saffron

  • Optional: $25 Black Sage Butcher gift card

Grill Master Gift Pack.JPEG

Grill Master Gift Pack

$100 each ($115 value)

$65 each without a gift card

Perfect for the BBQ Enthusiast in your life who is searching for new ideas to maximize their grilling skills. Each gift pack includes:

  • Sebastian's Charcoal Rub

  • Sebastian's All Purpose Rub

  • Vancouver Island Barrel Smoked Whiskey Salt

  • Okanagan Artisan Texas Style BBQ Sauce

  • Tin of Smoked Paprika (Hot)

  • BC Brine Dill Pickles

  • Optional: $50 Black Sage Butcher gift card

Black Sage Butcher is excited to offer thoughtfully curated gift packs of high-quality, specialty food items, with a focus on BC producers. These unique and delicious gift packs will make your holiday shopping easier and are sure to please the foodies and carnivores in your life! Everybody wins!