In our ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Black Sage Butcher has decided to temporarily suspend in-store sales to primarily focus on pre-order + pickup sales.


A very limited selection of items will be available for purchase without pre-order. These items will be listed on a menu outside the shop, and available as listed and pre-cut, with no substitutions or custom-cuts. The idea behind the limited menu is to enable very quick, basic transactions. If you have a long list of items, want items cut and/or packed a certain way, please continue to pre-order in advance. 

Please call the shop at 778-439-2350 or email at bsbpreorder@gmail.com to place an order*Orders must be received by noon to be considered for same-day pick-up.*



Our product list is linked above. To learn which house-made sausages and marinated products are currently in-stock, please visit our social media accounts or join our mailing list to keep apprised of these items, as they won't regularly be posted on the various community Facebook pages.

When you place your order, include your name, phone number, and the specifics required for each product, as indicated by the SPECIFY column on the product list. The clearer your order is, the sooner we can get to work filling it, so please help us help you.

When we confirm your order, we’ll let you know a date and time when you can pick it up, subject to availability of the items requested. Please only come to pick up during your allotted time, as we’re aiming to spread out the number of customers present at one time. When you arrive outside the shop, we ask you to kindly respect the line so we may serve everyone as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Credit and debit payments are accepted, tap preferred. No cash, please. We are especially committed to supporting those who are self-isolating or are quarantined. We'll work with you if you need to make special arrangements for pick-up and/or payment. 

Pick-ups will be scheduled during the following hours:

Wednesday – Friday      2 – 5:30 pm
Saturday                           1 – 4 pm

*Holiday hours are in effect Dec 20 to Jan 5. See top of this page for specific hours.

We’d like to thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding as we work under this temporary business model. We are doing the best we can under these ever-changing, high pressure circumstances. We truly love our community and wish everyone to stay safe and healthy!