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Meat Variety

Black Sage Butcher has created a great selection of value packs which offer a variety of classic cuts with bulk pricing.

The benefits of purchasing this way are: 

  • The convenience of fewer shopping trips

  • A freezer full of high-quality options already planned for you

  • Savings due to volume-based pricing


Like all our products, the meat included in our freezer packs is ethically-raised free-range in BC and is without growth hormones or antiobiotics.


The Anarchist


Assorted Cuts

22+ pounds of meat (10+ kg)

Designed for 2 people

*Save even more with repeat purchases

Chicken Breast

The Eagle Bluff


Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

5 pounds of meat (2.3 kg)

*Save even more with repeat purchases


The Baldy

Assorted Cuts

41 pounds of meat (18.5 kg)

Designed for a family of 4

*Save even more with repeat purchases

Meat Variety_edited.jpg

Lean Ground Beef

2 options for stocking up on lean ground AAA BC beef

*Save $10 from the retail price

Whole Chicken

The Vaseux


Whole chickens

14-16 pounds of meat (6-7.5 kg)

*Save ~20% from the retail price

Please allow up to one week for value packs to be available for pick-up following purchase. We will contact you directly to arrange the pick-up date and time. Orders are fulfilled Tuesday through Saturday. If you need your order by a specific date please contact us to discuss before purchasing; call 778-439-2350 or email

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